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BrentonX talent exceed the standards

Our team of pre-vetted talent are not ones you can come across.
They are hard to find and usually require outreach to build relationships.
Tap into the top 5% of marketing talent with BrentonX.

At Brenton X, we use that same muscle to solve problems around the world for our clients
to achieve their goals. Like any muscle, training, practice, and consistency lead the,
way to help us implement ideas, rethink strategy and drive growth.

Clients & Talent Relationship

“We were looking for someone who could work with an international client like us who can easily adapt to our processes. Cherie has been a huge asset in helping us communicate our deliverables to our US clients. She is very adept at what she does as our lead Strategist and never fails to exceed our expectations.”

matched with

Our values as creative problem-solvers

Cut the clutter

In Brenton X’s fast-paced environment where every member is working on their own deliverables, we focus on being adaptive, goal-oriented, and clear communicators.

Be transparent

Transparency is hard coded in Brenton X DNA. We don’t gatekeep — we share our skills and processes across the firm, giving everyone the best chance of success.

Keep learning

We value lifetime learners who self-learn and can adapt to newer problems because, at Brenton X, we believe problems rarely come with an instruction manual. 

Performance over rank

We prioritize and reward skills, consistency, and discipline over the years of service. Your work allocation depends on your willingness to take on responsibilities.

Greater than one

Our teams extend beyond Brenton X’s. It’s not us versus the client, but we work as one team with common goals — leveraging diverse expertise from both ends.

Question everything

We always encourage exchanging ideas and asking questions. Stay informed about challenges and understand how things work. For this, you got to ask questions.

Working together is simple

We’ve built a simple and powerful framework to evaluate whether an
engagement with Brenton X is the right fit for your product.


HR screens your CV and you will be shortlisted if you match the requirements


Shortlisted candidates will receive an assignment to help us understand your expertise


Your communication, problem-solving and technical skills will be assessed one-on-one


You will receive an email from HR within 3 to 4 days if you have gotten through